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Women's Works :2017: center

In the Round  
created & performed by Joan Proudman
Music: ‘Night Birds’ by Robin Anne Beattie Horty (Electric Mbira with jungle sounds performed and recorded on the island of Vieques)

created & performed by Shana bloomstein with all
Music created & performed by Antone Vieira

created & performed by shana bloomstein and Kristi Williamson  

Going Home
Created & performed by Lisa Newcomb, Katenia Keller and Joan Proudman
Music: “Train Home” by Chris Smithers

yes maybe no
Created and performed by Hanna DeHoff &Peter Yanz
Music: “Trinkit” by Beats Antique

wonder wonder
created & performed by jesse phillips-fein in collaboration with john gutierrez
music: ‘We the People’ By A Tribe Called Quest

nothing is about nothing  
created & performed by Jesse Phillips-Fein withShana Bloomstein, Katenia keller, Joan proudman, Caitlin Schick, and Kristi Williamson

created & performed by bds students with shana
dancers: nnenaya, sydney, zaela, kat, and grace
music: “this place is a shelter” by olufar arnalds

#me, myselfie, and i
Created and performed by Hanna DeHoff with Shana Bloomstein, Jenny Cobuzzi, Hanna DeHoff, Suzanne Dunavent-White, Lisa Newcomb, Caitlin Schick, and Kristi Williamson
Music: “Sway” by Julie London, “#Selfie” by Chainsmokers



                ACT II
created & performed by Katenia Keller with jenny cobuzzi,hanna dehoff, suzanne dunavent-white,lisa newcomb and caitlin schick
music: “half an hour” by thomas newman, soundtrack by katenia keller

Sending Off (배웅)
Improvisation by Kyung-sun Baek
music: “Sangyu” (traditional Korean funeral song); “Evening” by Amelia Cuni & Werner Durand, mixed by Dylan Newcomb
dedicated to the 304 Students and Teachers who lost their lives when the Seoul Ferry sank in Korea in 2014.

get iggitk&bh getting dqinr to gdnlo ten
Created & performed by Jesse Phillips-Fein and Shana Bloomstein

as she is
created & performed by adrian arias & kristi williamson with shana bloomstein, jenny cobuzzi, suzanne dunavent-white, katenia keller, jesse phillips-fein, joan proudman, and peter yanz

storms are on the ocean  
adapted & performed by maisie newell and elsie gawler

center “love is opposed to the death of a dream.” ~june jordan
created & performed by Shana Bloomstein and Antone Vieira

Wade in the Water
by molly gawler
music by maisie newell, elsie & molly gawler adapted from the african-american spiritual “wade in the water” offering by all dancers & for all the mamas

                  Women's Works Mission Statement
Women’s Works focuses on the female experience and the lens from which we witness and view the world. This offering is done in a way that is not limiting, but broadens our understanding of the multiple perspectives within the identity of "woman.” We represent artists from a range of age, dance and aesthetic backgrounds. the work is not driven by the desires of a pervasive media driven definition of dance, but rather on the honest expression that occurs when our stories unfold with support & integrity. this fosters dialogue between community members through art. Our goal is to support the creative mind, heart and body of all beings.





                                                       womyn working: informal showing on March 29th 2016

music: Olafur Arnalds
Choreographed and performed by molly gawler, shana bloomstein, hanna dehoff, joan proudman, lisa newcomb and suszanne dunnevet-white.

Hymn to the Sacred Body of the Universe by Drew Dillinger
Read and performed by Larkspur Morton

Veneration Dance
Performed by Joan Proudman
Music: Shen Khar Venakhi, a Georgian hymn, "Thou Art a Vineyard"
Singers: Shana Bloomstein, Leslie Stein and Sara Trunzo

Tabula RasāTabula Rasā
original piece by Béla Fleck, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, and Jie-Bing Chen, editing by fraidy cat
choreographed and performed by Alexandra Pitre, joined by: shana bloomstein, hanna dehoff, suzanne dunavent-white.

Improv exploration
Performed by: Kyung-sun Beck
Ben Noyes on cello

Performed by Jackie Reifer
An eccentric, looney woman shares her story.
music: Beautiful Life by Ace of Base


Last Fall
written and performed by Hanna DeHoff

Two Days after you left I...
choroegraphed and performed by Molly Gawler
Music by Lisa Bielawa "Two Days after you left I..."

a burden to use
choreography & performance: jesse phillips-fein
sound: us

in side
Shana Bloomstein improvisation to music by Ben Noyes on cello

Poetry written and read by Polly Shyka

Water Spine
Dancers: Shana Bloomstein, Hanna DeHoff, Molly Gawler, Lisa Newcomb, Suzanne Dunavent-White, Alexandra Pitre, Jesse Phillips-Fein, Joan Proudman
Music: Molly Gawler and Maisie Newell singing “Wade in the Water”